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Tips for balancing multiple jobs


Date Posted: 11/22/2012 2:37:44 AM

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Hard work is keeping up with multiple jobs. People sometimes find themselves with two bosses, because of the good and the bad times of life. Most people try to fit one or more part-time jobs around full-time employment.  Others may try accumulating more part time jobs to equal that one full time job. Whichever the case, some helpful hints in this article may offer assistance if you have to put this type of puzzle together.

1. Find a way of cutting on personal time consuming items.
If you are a long sleeper. Try saving 30 minutes of your sleep doing something else. Cook more food and keep them refrigerated for latter consumption. These little jobs can make your life stressful if you have to deal with other more important issues at the same time. So you can be happier without these jobs hanging over your head.

2. Identify what to leave out of your personal time
Any work eats your free time. The pressure on your time for personal business increases with that of your work time. The more you work, the less time you have for sleeping, cooking e.t.c. Make a list of everything that you need to get done each week and month in order for your life to function smoothly. Ensure that you have removed every item that is less important to you. For instance, you can choose to visit Facebook just before you wind up to bed in the evening. What remains is a list of things you can't avoid when creating time for work.

3. Compute how much free time that you need to accomplish your list of necessities.
Allocate a realistic amount of time to each item on your list. It is important that you generously assign specific length of times to your task, add the total hours

spend in accomplishing the items in the list. This will ensure that you have properly managed your time. The rest of the time can be used in other things.

4. Look for additional employment that will fit around your main job.
This is the trickiest part, you need a job that pays what you need, and can be done conveniently and still leave some personal time for sleep and other things. To achieve this, you can approach your boss for some schedule adjustments.

5. If the gap between jobs is large, make use of this time.
If you notice that the gap between two jobs is large, you can creatively use that time. This can be the best time to eat a meal. Because we had agreed earlier that you cook lots of food at home, you can carry some to work and have it during your free time instead of consuming time going to the restaurant.

6. Enlist others to help you.
If you leave with other people, it's a good idea to get them helping you accomplish other duties so that you can concentrate on other important jobs. The extra time left can be spent in sleeping.

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