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Guidance and counseling as an educationist.


Date Posted: 12/3/2012 12:09:25 AM

Posted By: VANN  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1015

Guidance is a crucial process in our lives. Guidance stands for the provision of experiences that will help pupils to understand themselves. Being an educational service, guidance points to the procedures and processes that are organized to achieve a helping relationship which is aimed at assisting individuals in making and carrying out adequate plans and achieving satisfactory adjustment in life therefore guidance is a life process that equips a person with knowledge and techniques that will enable them to identify and handle problems even before they confront them. On the other hand counseling is a professional service rendered by a trained and competent person to another person who is normal and seeks advice or problems which he cannot cope with as a process it involves both the counselor and the client [counselee] with the client determining and setting his goals and the counselor using his training and expertise to help him accomplish these goals .This means that counseling is concerned with decision making ,skill acquisition and problem resolution either individually or in group setting so as to make the fullest possible use of personal potentials in order to become fully functioning individuals
Just before counseling begins the counselor needs to prepare himself or herself for the clients .The first things that needs to be done are filling the preliminary forms by the client and this should be done before the interview .This is done to avoid wastage of time that would be used for counseling ,it can also be quite monotonous and boring to the

counselor . The counselor therefore gives himself or herself enough time to look at the clients records and background material before meeting them will also try and make the counseling environment comfortable but not too relaxing and attractive that is to ensure minimum distractions especially interruptions’ like telephone calls ,knocking at the door to deliver messages .

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