Sample Attachment Report for Certificate in Animal Health and Production

Institution: Kisii University

Course: Certificate in Animal Health and Production

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Download sample industrial attachment report for certificate in Animal health and production. it is available in word formate
I wish to dedicate this report to my parents for their endless support in my education and mostly in my industrial attachment. I also dedicate this work to my friends, supervisor and lectures for their support throughout my industrial attachment period. Thank you.

I would like to thank God for good health all through my attachment and also express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Manyeki Gerald the director to the Kisii County Veterinary Office Department, my Sub- County Office supervisor vet Dr. Nyachiro Dominic and also the work crew of the organisation of vet department who assisted me on my way or another during the attachment period.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Kisii University for allowing me to undertake the unit on attachment and most importantly my supervisor Madam Caroline Maraga and the school team for following me up on the work I have been undergoing throughout this two month period on my attachment.
Lastly I would like nto thank my loving parents Mr. and Mrs. Okoko for their financial and moral support all through the study and producing this report
May God Bless You All.

The following report of field attachment was carried out between 20th June to 20th August 2022 in Kitutu Chache South Sub- County office in Mosocho for the completion of two years studies for certificate in Animal Health and Production. The exercise ran for eight weeks during which various techniques in livestock farming and general extension methodology learned and put into practice.
I got privileged to be oriented in each and every sector of field work including;

1) Veterinary clinical work
2) Artificial insemination and pregnancy disease in bovine
3) Veterinary laboratory
4) Disease control
5) Animal production and extension
6) Meat hygiene and extension

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