2023 Grade 7 Visual Arts Lesson Notes Term 1

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Download 2023 Grade 7 Visual Arts Lesson Notes Term 1. the content id detailed with clear diagramatic illustration extracted from various term one substrand to suit learners understanding of various substrand. It is available in Ms word format to make changes where applicable.
ARTS - This is a general term used to describe expression of creative human skill, feeling and imaginations. This is mainly appreciated for beauty and emotional value.
The arts can be experienced through the following:
? Sense of light
? Hearing
? Touch
? Smell
? Taste

This is the process of setting up, developing and running a business with the aim of getting profit.
It requires marketing goods, services and new ideas in order to make profit.

1. Visual arts
? These are arts forms appreciated through the sense of sight.
? They are appreciated for their emotional power and beauty e.g.
? Drawing
? painting
? montage
? collage

2. Applied Arts
Applied Arts are related to visual arts but involved making and decorating of everyday items.
These items are for practical use or utilitarian

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