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Grade 7 Life Skills Notes Term 1

Institution: Junior Secondary

Course: Life Skills

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SELF AWARENESS means having an accurate understanding of ourselves.
That includes knowing our strengths, weakness, values, emotions and hopes and how they influence our behaviour in different circumstances.

Describing self in relation to the five dimensions of a human being
• Every person should understand themselves
1. Physically
2. Socially
3. Psychologically
4. Spiritually
5. Economically
• Those who are self aware can objectively evaluate themselves, manage their emotions, align their behaviour with their values and understand how others perceive them.
• The physical qualities are the things we can see in someone. These include their height, weight, skin colour and any other feature that can be seen in someone.
• Physical awareness also means that one understands the different gender roles and expectation. For example both boys and girls should be aware of the different changes that takes place in their bodies as they grow and develop
• A person who is physically self aware understands that no physical feature makes someone lesser human beings. They take pride in how they appear and do not wait for validation from other people
• Being socially aware means that one understands how they react to different social situations and effectively modify their interactions with other people so that they achieve the best results.
• Psychotically awareness refers to one’s preparedness to tackle the challenges that they face in their daily life. A person who is psychologically aware always gives themselves positive affirmation before they confront their challenges.
• Spiritual awareness means one being aligned with the values they hold dear. It also means working towards finding one’s higher purpose. Spiritual awareness enables one to understand the religious beliefs and values that align with their purpose
• Economic awareness means one understanding, accepting and seeking to improve their social status in the community. One who is economically aware understands that different people are at different stages in life and everybody else is always eeking to climb a step higher in the social ladder.

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