Bukura Agricultural College courses and programs

Certificate (3 courses)

  • Certificate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  • Certificate in Community Development and Social Work (Community Development)
  • Certificate in Agriculture (Agriculture)

Degree (3 courses)

  • (Agriculture)
  • Mathematical Economics and Finance ()
  • Bachelor of Science (Hotel & Restaurant Management)

Diploma (11 courses)

  • Agriculture and biotechnology (Agronomy and biotechnology)
  • Diploma in Community Development, Project Planning & Management (Community Development)
  • Diploma in Agribusiness (Agribusiness)
  • Diploma in Agricultural Education (Agricultural Education)
  • Diploma in Animal Health and Production (Animal Health and Production)
  • Diploma in horticulture (horticulture)
  • Diploma in Applied Biology (Applied Biology)
  • Diploma in Agricultural Engineering (Farm Power Machinery)
  • Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism (Mass Communication & Journalism)
  • Diploma in Animal Health Management (Animal Health Management)
  • Diploma in Agriculture (Agriculture)

Masters (1 courses)

  • Master of Science in Crop Production (Crop Production)