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Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Geology(Geology) in Kenya

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Geology(Geology)
  • Major Subject: Geology
  • Course Category: Degree
  • Average Study Duration: 4 years

Colleges Offering Bachelor of Science in Geology(Geology)

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Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Geology(Geology)

  • University of Nairobi University of Nairobi, Nairobi  
    Minimum Course Entry Requirements:
    1. KCSE minimum grades of C+ in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry; or
    2. KCSE minimum grades of C+ in Mathematics and B- in Physical Sciences

    Course Duration: 4 years

    Course Outline/Structure

    First Year First Semester

    CGP104 Quantitative Techniques For Fieldwork I
    CGP103 Introduction To Practical Geography
    CGP102 Introduction To Human Geography
    CGP101 Introduction To Physical & Biological Geography
    SCH101 Inorganic Chemistry I
    SCH103 Physical Chemistry I
    SGL103 Paleontology I
    SGL101 Material Of The Earth
    SGP103 Introduction To Practical Geography
    SGP101 Introduction To Earths Physical And Biological Geography
    SGP102 Introduction To Human Geography
    SMA103 Calculus I
    SMA101 Basic Mathematics
    SGP104 Quantitative Techniques For Fieldwork I
    SMA105 Geometry
    SMR103 Q.m And Computer Applications In Meteorology I
    SMR101 Introduction To Meteorology I
    SMR105 Methods Of Measurements In Meteorology
    SPH101 Mechanics I
    CCS001 Communication Skills

    First Year Second Semester

    CCS010 Hiv/aids
    SCH102 Organic Chemistry I
    SGL102 Earth Processes
    SMA104 Calculus Ii
    SMA140 Introduction To Probability & Statistics
    SMA106 Calculus Iii
    SMR106 Atmospheric Science And The Environment
    SMR104 Introduction To Atmospheric Science
    SMR102 Introduction To Meteorology Ii
    SPH103 Waves And Optics
    SPH102 Electricity And Magnetism I
    CCS004 Law In Society
    CCS009 Elements Of Economics

    Second Year First Semester

    SBL201 Biomolecules
    SBC204 Basic Metabolism I
    SBC203 Proteins And Enzymes I
    SBC202 Laboratory Techniques I
    SBC201 Structure Of Biomolecules
    SCH203 Physical Chemistry 2
    SCH201 Inorganic Chemistry 2
    SGL203 Structural Geology
    SGL201 Principles Of Mineralogy
    SMA205 Introduction To Algebra
    SMA203 Linear Algebra I
    SMA201 Calculus Iii (advanced )
    SMA221 Vector Analysis
    SMR203 Quantitative Methods And Computer Applications In Meteorology Ii
    SMR201 Meteorological Instruments And Methods Of Observations
    SPH201 Mechanics Ii
    SMR207 Fundamentals Of Cloud Physics And Atmospheric Pollution
    SMR205 Principles Of Atmospheric Radiation
    SPH204 Mathematical Physics I

    Second Year Second Semester

    SBL202 Laboratory Techniques
    SCH204 Physical Chemistry 3
    SCH202 Organic Chemistry 2
    SGL202 Systematic Mineralogy
    SGL204 Geostatistics
    SMA204 Linear Algebra Ii
    SMA240 Probability And Statistics I
    SMA208 Ordinary Differential Equations I
    SMA206 Introduction To Analysis
    SMR202 Atmospheric Radiation And Optics
    SPH202 Electricity And Magnetism Ii
    SMR208 Introduction To Micrometeorology And Microclimatology
    SMR204 Weather Analysis
    SPH203 Structure And Properties Of Matter

    Third Year First Semester

    SGL301 Igneous Petrology
    SGL303 Sedimentary Petrology
    SGL305 Global Tectonics
    SGL309 Introduction To Geophysics
    SGL308 Introduction To Geological Field Mapping

    Third Year Second Semester

    SGL302 Metamorphic Petrology
    SGL304 Stratigraphy
    SGL306 Paleontology Ii
    SGL307 Introducton To Geological Mapping
    SGL312 Introduction To Geological Thermodynamics
    SGL311 Surveying For Geoscientists
    SGL310 Photogeology And Remote Sensing

    Fourth Year First Semester

    RPS403 Counselling Of The Youth
    SGL401 Field Geology
    SGL405 Exploration Geophysics
    SGL403 Industrial Rocks And Minerals

    Fourth Year Second Semester

    SGL411 Mineral Exploration And Mining
    SGL408 Marine Geology
    SGL406 Hydrogeology
    SGL404 Exploration Geochemistry
    SGL402 Ore Deposits

    Course Duration: 4 years
  • South Eastern Kenya University South Eastern Kenya University, Kitui  
    Minimum Course Admission requirements
    -KCSE mean grade in C+ (plus) or equivalent qualifications with at least C+(Plus )passes in either three subjects of Chemistry ,Physics Geography and Mathematics or at least C+ (Plus)in Mathematics and B- (Minus) in Physical Sciences OR KCSE mean grade C(Plain) or equivalent and a Diploma with credit pass or above
    Course Duration - 4 years
    Mode of study - Full time
  • University of Eastern Africa, Baraton University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, Eldoret  
    Course Entry Requirements:
    - All must have scored a at least a C+ in KCSE with at least a C+ in geography and a C in maths/physics or
    - Hold a diploma in geology or its equivalent
    Course Study Duration - 4 years
    Mode of study- Full time
  • University of Nairobi, School of Biological and Physical Sciences.Chiromo Campus University of Nairobi, School of Biological and Physical Sciences.Chiromo Campus, Nairobi  
    Admission requirements
    -A C+ in KCSE with a C+ in maths or physics,geography and chemistry or
    -A diploma in geology from a reputable institution with a at least a credit pass
    Period of study
    -full time
    Mode of study
    -full time
  • Maasai Mara University Maasai Mara University, Narok  
  • Kenyatta University School of Environmental Studies Kenyatta University School of Environmental Studies, Nairobi  

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