Give reasons for Performance Appraisal


Give reasons for Performance Appraisal


1. For making administrative decisions relating to promotions, firings, layoffs and merit pay increases. It helps a manager decide what increases of pay shall be given on grounds of merit.
2. For determining the future use of an employee.
3. Appraisal can provide needed input for determining both individual and organizational training and development needs, through identifying strengths and weaknesses.
4. Appraisal encourages performance improvement. They may motivate the employee to do better in his current job due to knowledge of results, recognition of merit and the opportunity to discuss work with his manager.
5. Appraisals help to identify can individual?s current level of performance.
6. Information generated by appraisal can be used as an input to the validation of selection procedures.
7. Appraisal information is an important input to human resource planning and succession planning, career planning and so on.
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