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Describe the task sizing methods


Describe the task sizing methods



1. Lines of Code(LOC)
- Also called source lines of code (SLOC).
- Has been one of the most used metrics in determining the size of a software development project.
- Based on historical results
- Used to estimate: Effort, financial costs, documentation, software bugs, and number of resources.
- For example, say that you have been asked to generate time estimates to add new functionality to the company web site
for the marketing department. Your software development group has done web programming before, but not for the marketing department. The functionality being asked for is similar in breadth to that of other projects you have done, so you look at the results of earlier projects to see how many lines of code it took and the actual results. The previous project required 6,000 lines of code. Based on historical results, you know the following conversion numbers for each1,000 lines of code using two midlevel software developers:
- Effort = 250 hours, yielding 1,500 hours or just over 9 person-months
- Documentation = 45 pages, yielding 270 pages
- Bugs = 2.1 bugs, yielding 12.6 bugs
- User-instructed rework = 6.1, yielding 36.6 items needing rework
- Financial cost = $18,750, yielding $112,500

2. Function Points Method
- Used to estimate time and dollars based on the generated system requirements specification.
- A function point measures the size of a business function that the new system needs to have e.g. an input screen or a report
- Function Point analysis can be done at any point in the project but are not considered accurate until late in the planning phase.
- Function point analysis is based on an evaluation of five data and transactional types that define the application boundary as illustrated in Figure below.

Capture 3.JPG
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