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What are the six components of guidance and counseling services?


What are the six components of guidance and counseling services?



1. Educational guidance and counseling
It’s concerned with the provision of assistance to students in their choices in, and adjustment to the curriculum and school life in general. It guides them pursue the right type of education as necessary while ensuring that the right balance is kept in order to meet the human resource needs of the nation. It also helps them solve education related problems. The students are guided in selection of courses in accordance of their intellectual abilities so that after completing education they may
effectively adjust in their environment. It assists students to solve their problems related to education. Educational guidance helps students develop their natural curiosity about the world around them by asking questions and introducing new concepts and methods. It helps them develop techniques and resources that will facilitate learning such as orientation, time management, planning, and use of the library etc. It helps them realize the value of education and discover their special aptitudes and limitations.

2. Vocational guidance and counseling
It’s a process for helping an individual to choose an occupation, prepare for it, and enter it and developing it. Vocational happiness requires that a person’s interests, attitudes and personality be suitable for his work. It provides an individual with an understanding of the world of work and essential human needs and familiarizing individuals which terms such as dignity of labour and work value. It focuses on assisting an individual who possesses certain assets, liabilities and possibilities to select many occupations that are suited to him and then aid him in preparing for it, entering and progressing in it. One is assisted to explore various careers and their requirements.
Vocational counseling enables them understand their talents, abilities and interests in a given occupation. In vocational counseling the individual is able to discover his/her potentialities and develop them towards self fulfillment and social usefulness .The client is assisted to assemble information about many common occupations and guided in finding information about less familiar jobs. They are assisted in recognizing those occupations in which they may find satisfaction and develop their fullest potential by considering the working conditions, expected salary and advancement. They are assisted in considering the practicalities of their occupational choices in terms of availability, time etc. They are assisted to plan their approaches to the occupations of their choice or for the training required.

3. Personal, social and psychological guidance and counseling
Is a process of helping an individual to know how to behave with consideration towards other people. It helps an individual to understand himself, know how to get on with others, learn manners and etiquette pursue leisure time activities, practice social skills, and develop roles and responsibilities. It focuses on assisting students in understanding themselves (self perception) and how to adjust in any environment. It helps integrate self perception with perceived environmental realities. It helps improve abilities to make and execute plans and differentiate changeable from unchangeable situations. It also helps to identify possible corrective measures, to deal with personal psychological problems with less fear and anxiety. It is offered to help one deal with disruptive behavior and promotes behavior change.

4. Civic guidance and counseling
Civic is the study of rights and responsibilities of citizenship. It focuses on helping students understand and maintain social values, ideas, law and order. It assists the youth to get rid of tribal and ethnic ideations that discriminate. One is then able to accept others regardless of gender, ethnicity and social economic status. Civic guidance and counseling helps one to become a good citizen. One is able to understand the importance of the world they live in and learn how to live amicably with others. It creates awareness and encourages avoidance of social evils such as corruption. It helps in minimizing gender unfairness. It teaches honesty, civic responsibilities such as voting and the importance of social order and obedience of the constitution.

5. Health guidance and counseling
It promotes good physical and mental health by teaching nutrition and hygiene. The youth should understand how to manage and cope with health conditions like asthma epilepsy, diabetes, HIV&AIDs, etc. Teachers should assist students with such conditions. It also teaches the dangers of smoking, drinking, and drug abuse, exercising and eating a balanced diet. It also equips the learner on how he/she can avoid potentially dangerous situations.

6. Parent education guidance and counseling
It helps to address issues of parenting e.g. effective parenting, developmental stages etc.
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