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What are the goals of guidance and counseling?


What are the goals of guidance and counseling?



Counseling in schools must be goal driven and purposeful.
1. Development goals.
These are the goals wherein the client is assisted in meeting his anticipated human growth and development (emotional, cognitive and physical wellness) e.g. menarche in girls and sperm ache in boys and challenges in these transitions.

2. Preventive goals.
Prevention is a goal in which the counselor helps the students to avoid some undesired outcome. There are three levels of prevention, that is, primary intervention before problem sets it, secondary intervention, after problem has set in but it has not become chronic or severe and tertiary when the problem is there already and intervention may be to rehabilitate, that is, to make the problem less incapacitating.

3. Enhancement goals.
If the student possesses special skills and abilities, enhancement mean they can be identified and further developed through the assistance of a counselor.

4. Remedial goals.
This involves assisting a counselee to overcome and treat an undesirable development.

5. Exploratory goals.
Exploration presents goals appropriate to the examining of options, testing of skills and trying new and different activities, environment, relationship etc.

6. Reinforcement goals.
This is used in the instance where students need help in recognizing that what they are doing, thinking and feeling is ok.

7. Cognitive goals.
Cognition involves acquiring the basic foundations of learning and cognitive skills.

8. Physiological goals.
It involves acquiring the basic understandings and habits for good health.

9. Psychological goals.
Aids in developing good social interaction skills, learning, emotional control, developing a positive self concept etc.

In any institution it’s important to have a comprehensive school counseling programme that is effective. The school counselor should ensure the purpose and goals of guidance and counseling programme is well stipulated and various components of guidance and counseling are well covered.
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