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Outline the methods of identifying problem behaviours in the classroom


Outline the methods of identifying problem behaviours in the classroom



For the teacher to be able to identify problem behaviours in t he classroom he needs to be in touch with the class. This means being aware of what is happening in all parts of the classroom so that the can intervene p promptly and accurately when inappropriate behaviours. The teacher should possess observation skills. Observation refers to watching children. The teacher’s observation of children will reveal;
1. Facial expression that may indicate
2. Unhappiness
3. Anxiety
4. Restlessness
5. Hyperactivity
6. Tension
7. Self-consciousness
8. Anger
9. Nervous habits and
10. Day dreaming
The teacher could observe the learners social activities. When children are playing in the field the teacher could use scientific gadgets like the binoculars to observe the pupils social interactions unobtrusively. The use of this method will reveal the pupils who are playing together and those who are left out by the others so that a lot of the times they sit or stand by themselves. If a students is observed alone on m any occasions the teacher should know that this student has a problem. Observation of pupils’ social interaction will also reveal the pupils, who bully others, others who are bullied, the fearful ones, the quarrelsome ones and those who are defiant.
The teacher could use socio metric questions to discover the pupils who have problems. For example ask pupils in the class to nominate other pupils form the same class with whom one would like to share a cubicle to be desk mates to go for walks with and so on.
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