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Help others today, their blessings cherish your life tomorrow


Date Posted: 6/18/2014 7:48:33 AM

Posted By: Razen  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3454

Do you drop a coin? Yes! To that needy beggar on the street! Yeah, I know. But if so, do you drop a coin inside that tin written ‘donate for the homeless and orphans’ in the supermarkets? Keep that answer and I will let u know what to do with it before the end of this article. Just read on.
If you have ever helped someone who needed your help, for a moment in their life they will tell God to remember you. Such words works like a charm. If you do good, goodness follows you wherever you go.

Help not only has to be in form of money. Help is being there for someone who something who needs you. Sometimes even animals, nature, etc needs our help, your help.
A strangling cow on a road side needs your help. Take your time and set it free irrespective of who owns it.

I remember one day when I was walking home from work and a child who seemed really disturbed asked me to help him. His toy car was broken and he had difficulties fixing it. I had to get my hands mucked up in dirt if I had to help him fix his toy wire car. After a careful thought, I remembered someone helped me over nine years ago. Because he fixed mine, I fixed the boys car. Because of that man who helped me, I helped someone else. Now for you, will you help him so as he helps someone else in the future of will you break the chain?

Things get wrong when we help and expect tokens of appreciations in return. In this facet, we get too tired to help someone else. A good conductor will take an old lady home even if she forgot the handkerchief that had her fare

despite the fact that he helped a guy who was robbed a day before. Probably even help another person the day after and several days after. When one of these people thinks of good things ever happening in their lives, they remember the conductor. If you do so in your day to day life, just be rest assured, whenever you need help, God will send help to you because he shall have no reason not to.

Sometimes miraculous things happen in my life and I tend to believe they happen because of the good things I have ever done to other people. When bad things happen to me as well, I tend to believe it’s because someone suffered because of me one day in the past. Whether this assumption is true r false, I don’t know. What I believe is that whatever the type of seed you plant today will be the harvest you pick tomorrow.

In conclusion, it hurts no one to be kind and loving. It pains no one t help others who need help from us. It’s purely for our own good we help others. Help now and ask God a questions when it shall be your turn to use some help and none is coming your way!

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