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Impact sourcing model in Kenya


Date Posted: 9/16/2020 5:11:02 AM

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Disadvantaged communities need meaningful work. In Africa and Asia, impact sourcing is trying to close that gap by providing technology-related work to such communities. Locally, several social enterprise companies have sprung up. Impact sourcing model can be described as an initiative to bring internet-based jobs that pay relatively higher wages as compared to other forms of temporary employment in these countries.

As a country, we lack a large number of domestic outsourcers hence the majority of the work done locally are from big multinational firms across the globe. Key players in this sector include CloudFactory, Samasource, StepWise (Daproim Africa), and Digital Data Drive (DDD). These service providers play a pivotal role in ensuring close to 3,000 Kenyans from mostly poor backgrounds have access to better wages therefor better livelihoods.

CloudFactory Kenya is arguably the largest. Headquartered in Westlands along Peponi road it has other offices in Parklands area and Mombasa Kenya. With its mission to put one million people to meaningful work; it has so far managed to employ hundreds. Currently, its workforce who are normally contractors is working from home to minimize the chances of contracting the deadly coronavirus. They pay weekly or monthly depending on what project one is on. They pay via M-pesa.

Samasource is located at Sameer business park along Mombasa road. It aims to expand the number of workers in its rank too. Being among the earliest in this sector it has been trusted by global tech companies located in Silicon Valley to deliver their expected results.

Stepwise is headquartered in the USA and its Kenyan operations are located in Westlands road. They too are in business to make a profit while empowering individuals from marginalized communities.
Digital Data Divide started in Kenya 9 years ago. It is located at Parklands off the Globe Cinema roundabout. Its recruitment

model isn’t as transparent as of the rest but they do recruit on various times.

All these organizations recruit often and normally place their job adverts on their websites and social media sites. It should be noted that they tend to focus their operations in urban areas (mostly Nairobi) as there is a large pool of educated and skilled workers in the urban areas. The urban poor is the disadvantaged communities they seek to lift from poverty by giving them more stable work. Another reason they focus mainly on urban areas is the availability of excellent infrastructure. Internet penetration in Nairobi is of international standards. Note that organizations rely on the internet as their main tool of productivity. These four impact sourcing model organizations employ a huge number of Kenyan youths who desperately need to earn a living to lift themselves and their families out of occasional poverty.

With the future of internet-based work going remote and with a scarcity of jobs impact sourcing service providers can bridge the unemployment gap to quite many people. There are huge opportunities for internet-based work but a few players in Kenya. The previously inexperienced labor force was a big hindrance to the growth of impact sourcing service providers. As of today majority of young Kenyans are digitally literate and ready for any tasks brought forward by them.

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