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Daily personal hygiene basics


Date Posted: 6/30/2012 2:36:39 AM

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Personal hygiene offers to be part of everybody's daily habits. This is because it helps prevent the spread of diseases. Good hygiene is one of the most effective ways of protecting ourselves and others from a lot of diseases.

The term, ' hygiene' was first used to refer to those things that we do to stop the spread of infection. However, the term has come to be widely used to include the ways in which we make sure that our bodies are clean, our hair looks kept and ensuring that our bodies are odorless.
Hygiene means washing your hands and the rest of your body. It also means being careful not to cough or sneeze on others, throwing away things such as used sanitary paper and using protection such as gloves when you might be at risk of catching some infections. Hygiene is all about protecting ourselves from germs in all ways possible.

What you do about personal hygiene depends on culture in which your value systems have been nurtured. Your culture does not mean your lifestyle in your town or country or village you live. It mainly focuses just on the way you spent most of your time and with whom. In most cultures, it is expected, for example, that you will wash your body at least everyday.

However, taking a bath may not always get rid of body odor. Body smells are partly a result of chemicals that the body makes or due to things that the body is trying to get rid of. Such things could be garlic or alcohol. Bacteria on the skin could also be a source of body smells. These are always bacteria on the skin which could 'feed' on dead skin cells and fluids as well as sweat. Some of these bacteria produce

chemicals whose smell is unpleasant. Washing and using deodorants gets rid of many of these smelly chemicals.

Hygiene also includes the way we dress. Besides being clean, clothes also need to be worn decently. Other people make judgments about you based on what you wear and how you have worn it. For example, if, as a young person you dress indecently, people are unlikely to take you seriously.

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