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Sense Is Getting On The Wheels Alcohol Free


Date Posted: 7/19/2012 5:15:15 AM

Posted By: EddieKyalo  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 45

‘Do not Drink and Drive’’ a common slogan in popular advertisements that keeps trying to discourage we from this silly and senseless habit of Drinking and Driving. Fact is actually that Drinking and Driving are two different mountains that can never meet or rather just like water and oil that can never mix. In actual sense, there is nothing as risky as trying to lay your hands on steering wheel with your head full of illusions and having an impaired judging ability that will definitely chain your thoughts and therefore making it impossible for you to make any crucial decision on time while on the road.

As I seat back here I am deeply troubled and can never have a piece of mind because it is all evident that it is going to take us a little longer singing to this same song striving to get the point home; that Drinking and Driving is truly dangerous. I sit and start taking to myself. I ask me; where in hell did we bury the brilliant idea that though came to be controversial and got politicized getting it suspended, was still brilliant I must say. Where is the ALCOBLOW?? What happened to its re-introduction? Who risked burying that idea? I hope he/she will get to read this and get a second thought to press on and get it back. Am pretty sure that the announcement of its re-introduction alone is enough to scare away drunken drivers (cowards for this matter) and save their lives with them unaware.

Another one that I would wish someone urgently steps in and helps me unveil this puzzle; honestly, why does the management of majority of these pubs and other drinking joints provide lots and lots of parking space in

fact they call it ‘’ample parking’’ for their customers so as to attract them, yet them again claim to discourage Drinking and Driving? Absolute irony! To me, what I think is that, these managers encourage their clients to come to their favorite joints while driving right? But they never really care how they leave. That is a fact. They only want our money and they are not genuinely interested in our safety. If anything, how logic is it to get to a bar in a car you are driving and then after, leave the bar on foot or a taxi? Impossible! What a pity to ourselves! We encourage Drinking and Driving in such an open and easy way and yet on the other side of the coin we struggle conducting massive campaigns against Drinking and Driving yet we still lose more lives to Drinking and Driving! I hope this confirms to you that this is the greatest form ever of world class hypocrisy that benefits us in absolutely no way. So, unless we sat down and decide to seal such loop holes, we will always be doing a fruitless job and our efforts and money will all be going to waste. So if you don’t mind, take the first step to promote Alcohol Free Driving, no need to take with you your car if you know very well that you are headed for a drinking spree.

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