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How to choose a good leader


Date Posted: 9/26/2012 5:28:52 AM

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A leader is a servant of the people. He should do and make decision with the best interest of the people in mind. The world has had great leaders e.g. Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Obama. As the people who give them their powers, how should we choose the people who are to become our leaders?

There is this saying “to know where you are going you must look at where you have come from”. This phrase can be used to elect a leader. When taken literally, it means look at where the leader has come from so that you will know where he is going. In depth, it means look at the persons past accomplishments. He must have a good track record so that he can have a chance of being our leader. They say that once a thief always a thief. If the candidate is one who makes promises to win hearts and does not keep his word when elected then he is most likely to do that again. If his community is not developed yet he is drowning in riches he is not going to help the nation.

A leader should stand firmly for what he believes in. his personal attributes will either lead him to victory or lead to his demise. People should go for a person ho is; self confident, kind, and hardworking, future oriented, determined and has strong values to be emulated by everyone.

People should elect a leader who is capable of expressing himself clearly using his words. Public speaking is a quality that reflects the mind of the candidate. He should be able to lay out his plan for the nation clearly and in a good order, move crowds and touch on people’s problems.

You can tell the quality of a leader by how he

handles conflicts. People should choose a leader who handles conflict with grace. Addressing issues effectively and leading to a solution that benefits the nation.
There is no use to jump onto a sinking ship, because you will end up dying. People should choose a leader who has a vision for the nation. Someone who has great hopes for the nation that will lead the country to prosper and be competitive with other nations. Not just making empty promises but shares his vision with the country and provides a way to do it. We should not choose dreamers but doers, not activists but practical people. God bless those who choose wise leaders by making them prosper and punishes those who don’t by making them languish in failure.

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