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Tips to save money when buying a new mattress


Date Posted: 12/7/2012 9:17:21 AM

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If you are looking to buy a new mattress while saving a fortune, this article is for you. Hitting the nail on the head right away, you might consider buying twin-beds as opposed to the King-sized bed. Platform bed-frames over spring boxes could also be handy. As well, you could make use of coupons inclusive of other special offers that usually will not go missing at various periods of the year—it might help keeping your eyes open for these offers, too. Quite another tip is to device ways of caring for your mattress so it could last longer.

You, perhaps, might be wondering how two twin-beds could even replace a King-sized bed, right? Well, if you did not know, two twin-beds put together should make a King-sized bed. Surprised, huh? Actually, twin-beds do make seam covers (they cover the seams); that’s why it won’t be obvious that a seam exists between the 2 beds. Yet, the process itself, of putting together 2 twin-beds, is pretty simple—you basically could just put them (twin-beds) on top of King-sized box springs, and you will be done.

I also talked of a platform bed in my introductory paragraph. That’s yet another option that will help cut costs. With platform beds, you need not to buy box springs as these beds will come with their own supports. Of course, after a couple of years you may have to switch (replace) the supports in the bed. Yet, provided you have the platform bed with you, there should be no worry about purchasing new springs each time you order a new mattress.

I did talk about coupons (vouchers) and special offers too, in my introduction. They offer a terrific way to save while buying a new mattress. However, you have to note that all deals won’t be available at all

times. They usually are occasional, a reason you’ll need to stay on the alert for the deals. Most clearance sales also are offered at special periods of the year (inclusive of special holidays).

Caring for your mattress is no exception, either. It will help your mattress last longer, reducing chances of you buying mattresses often, which is why you might just get to save on money. Ensure that your mattress does last for 7-10 years, at least. After this period, you might want to buy a new mattress, and for good reason—your former mattress will have started causing problems.

Last but not least, avoid sitting on the edge of your mattress as it can cause wear and tear, including your mattress sagging on the sides.

Well, I hope we all save money when buying new mattress, just as much as caring for the mattresses to help avoid buying new ones quite often.

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