Grade 8 Creative Arts and Sports Lesson Notes

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Introduction to Creative Arts and Sports.
Creative Arts is a description of various artistic activities that allow performers to use their imaginations, creativity, and express ideas through a variety of mediums to passage a message to the audience.
What is sports?
A sport is any activity involving physical or mental effort combined with skills in which an individual or a team or teams compete against another or others for entertainment
Roles of Creative arts and sports in the society.

Social roles of Creative arts & Sports.
? Creates a sense of identity-bring people together, creating shared experiences that help to foster a sense of community and collective identity.
? Creative arts and sports promote cohesion through teamwork.
? Through creative arts and sports culture is preserved-it ensures that our history and traditions are not forgotten, and that future generations can appreciate and learn from them.
? Creative arts and sports inspire creativity, talents and abilities.
? Creative arts and sports provide provides us with entertainment through components such as music, dance, drama, narratives, films and movies, various sports i.e., soccer, basketball, netball, volley ball.

Economic roles of Creative arts and Sports.
? Creative arts and sports provide employment opportunities such as artists, musicians, referees, sports coaches, sports doctors, choreographers. Trainers, teachers etc.
? One can earn income through activities related to creative arts and sports hence eradicating poetry.

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