Szl 415: Ecology For Sustainable Development  Question Paper

Szl 415: Ecology For Sustainable Development  

Course: Bachelor Of Education

Institution: Kenyatta University question papers

Exam Year:2017


1. Describe briefly using examples
ecologically sound agricultural
practices in kenya
2. Outline the objectives of Environmental Impact Assessment.
3. Describe the negative impacts industrial pollution on the environment.
4. Explain the ecological effects of the construction of (HEP)hydro electric power dams on the Tana river basin
5. Outline the impact of the global human population increase on results utilisation.
6. Describe the mitigation measures that can be used to protect forest ecosystems.
7. State the problems facing developing countries in the sustainable utilization of their natural resources .
8. Outline the indicators of a well managed ecosystem.


9. Write an essay on environment,
ecosystem and social effects of lake
Victoria fisheries exploitation
10. Described in details the procedure of
conducting an Environmental Impact
Assessment for the proposed coal
industry in Kitui county.

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