Cbc Report Cards in Kenya

Download New CBC Report Cards for PP1, PP2, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. The report cards are very detailed. The report cards are tailored for each grade.


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  • 2023 Grade 6 Assessment Report Book

    This content entails Summative assessment Summative report containing learners details: Maths activities ,English activities , Science, Home Science, Physical Health Activities, Christian Religious Education, Agriculture, Music Activities, Art and Craft, Kiswahili.

    Primary, Grade 6: Assessment Report Book

    Price: KES :  160

  • Assessment Report Book PP1 -PP2 Combined(CBC)

    LANGUAGE ACTIVITIES ASSESMENT KEY: EX- EXCEEDING EXPECTATION, MT –MEETS EXPECTATION, AP-APPROACHES EXPECTATION BE-BELOW EXPECTATION. LISTENING Common greetings and farewell Respond appropriately to general greetings at home and at school. Respond appropriately to time related greetings at home...

    Pre Primary, Assessment Report Book: Assessment report book

    Price: KES :  180

  • 2023 Grade 5 CBC Assessment Report Book

    Download comprehensive Grade 5 CBC Assessment booklet. the booklet is precise and easy to fill taking less time when you use learners progress records (rubric).it is fully in portrait Orientation for easy printing Get your copy now. Details of the Document: PDF format 23 pages Price...

    Primary, Assessment Report Card: Assessment Report Card

    Price: KES :  120

  • Assessment report book grade 1-3 combined (CBC)

    Download Grade 1-3 assessment booklet package for transition from grade 1-3. The booklet combines three grades for easier management of learners outcomes and information. The inputs for assessment rubrics and summative are separated. Assessment book is in PDF format of 51 pages. This is a...

    Primary, Assessment Book: Assessment Book

    Price: KES :  150

  • Grade 2 Assessment Booklet

    Grade 2 Assessment Booklet. This booklet has the assessment mode and how one should monitor the student for term one to term three. TERM ONE ASSESSMENT REPORT ADMINISTRATION OF THE TOOL ? This tool is to be used for all the learners undergoing through the Competences Based Curriculum (CBC) ?...

    Primary, Assessment: Assessment

    Price: KES :  100