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Bit 1101 Question Paper

Bit 1101 

Course:Bachelor Of Science In Computer Technology|Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology

Institution: Mount Kenya University question papers

Exam Year:2018

BIT 1101

1. Write briefly about computer fundamental system? [2 Marks]
2. Explain memory unit functions. [2 Marks]
3. Explain memory locations and addresses. [2 Marks]
4. Explain Software interface. [2 Marks]
5. Explain instruction set Architecture? Give examples. [2 Marks]
6. What is bus explain it in detail? [2 Marks]
7. Explain briefly about performance evaluation by using various bench marks. List out the types of bench marks and mention its advantage and disadvantage. [2 Marks]
8. Explain the operations of stacks and queues. [2 Marks]
9. Discuss about different types of addressing modes. [2 Marks]
10. Explain in detail about different instruction types and instruction sequencing.
11. Explain Fixed point representation. [2 Marks]
12. How floating point addition is implemented. Explain briefly with a neat diagram.
13. Give the difference between RISC and CISC. [2 Marks]
14. Write an algorithm for the division of floating point number and illustrate with an example. [2 Marks]

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