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How to pass chemistry examination in school


Date Posted: 5/23/2014 3:30:20 AM

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There are many ways on how to pass chemistry examinations today. This is due to the fact that many students have failed chemistry examinations not because they are stupid but because they do not put legitimate measures to handle the subject. Unlike other subjects where you are just required to read hard, chemistry requires one to work smart.

There are many ways one needs to put forward in order to improve in this particular subject in high school.

These are as follows;

You need to understand form one work as this is the root of chemistry. Simple laboratory experiments should be adhered to since whatever is observed is what you record during examinations. When you do not understand the introduction of the subject,it will be very difficult for you perform well in that particular subject.

The second and very important is to take much care about the form two work as this is now the stem of chemistry. The periodic table must be understood properly since it advances at each level in which one moves.It is the periodic table that contains elements which then forms chemistry as a subject.One must learn to write correct symbols of the elements without messing since chemistry is a very unique subject,a small mess means failing in the examinations.

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Revision during examinations

A student who is preparing for chemistry examinations needs to take into account the following,

1. Outline topics which you do not understand from the entire subject.
This will help you identify areas in which you do not have much content and on passing through them,you will find new concepts and that means an improvement.

2. Use good study methods. Many students take

very long hours with their books open and read instead of studying. A student is not supposed to work hard but to work smart. If you compare well performing students in class with the poor performers, you find that poor performers often work harder than top ones. They spend long hours with their books open while the top ones plan their work,schedule their studying hours and often work smart.

3. Practicals need to be handled with properly since one cannot pass the subject without them. Rules must be followed carefully especially when recording the observations and inferences. You only record what you observe and avoid copying from each other as it is dangerous as far as chemistry examinations is concerned.

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