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How to fulfill your parenting responsibilities


Date Posted: 5/24/2014 6:15:16 AM

Posted By: Carrie   Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 50

Parenting isn't an easy job as many assume it to be. It comes with responsibilities that many parents have failed to fulfill. A baby is a great source of joy to a family but the journey to bringing it up into a sensible reasoning man or woman is what counts most. There are vast areas under parenting of which parents should take keen interest.

Provision of basic needs

It is the duty of every parent to ensure that his or her child's needs are catered for from food to clothing and education among others. It is disturbing to the mind to see one take the risk of getting pregnant when they can barely support themselves. As a result such children are forced to bear with the extremities of life.

Care and Security

It is the wish of every child to feel secure and cared for by the parent(s).Growing up, children expect their parents to look into every detail affecting their lives since they only understand the language of emotions. It is the parent’s responsibility to secure the child by providing shelter, monitoring their child’s company and everything they are exposed to, say the social media.

Inculcating morals

Most parents have failed in this delicate part of life and have left the responsibility to teachers or the world. It is no secret that most children in the current generation barely have any morals. The alarming lack of respect, rudeness and children poking their nose into adults’ affairs explains it all. The bible says it in Proverbs 22:6; Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. Therefore the responsibility points back to the parent or guardian.

Sparing the rod and spoiling the child.

This proverb advises parents to discipline their children out of love with the

intention of straightening their wicked paths. It is crystal clear that not every parent or guardian disciplines a child with the same intention for some of them drive pleasure from inflicting pain in their children which is very inhuman. The rod has not proven to be the perfect solution for discipline for it has caused more harm than good thanks to all the good or bad intentions for most children interpret it as hatred. Talking hasn't been the best solution either but listening which is a rarely considered option by parents is a better solution for this strengthens the child-parent bond and is also a way of encouraging a child to share issues affecting him or her.

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