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How to earn online through Kenyaplex website while in Kenya


Date Posted: 3/5/2018 3:06:53 AM

Posted By: franco crick  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2067

Kenyaplex is one of the best most known online earning websites in Kenya. It is currently only open to Kenyans although some time in future the website might come to be used by almost everyone across the continents the as we may wish.

Kenyaplex mainly deals with people earning online though following the below described procedure: The first thing is by registration to their website using you own email and create your convenient password that one should always use when login in to his or her account. When creating the account, one should use a username that is not his names preferably use his or her nicknames or other initials of their name. The main reason for this is to ensure their account security. On your account a section with the following details appears; Earnings due: 0.00 and Total earnings to date: 0.00 where these details are very temporary to you.

Secondly, the next thing is to enter some few details in your account including; name, postal code, email ,a few experience of oneself, phone number that one may be contacted easily through in case any assistance is required from the Kenyaplex officials or the customer care personnel. Lastly, under this section one ought to /should write a short description of him or herself in not less than two hundred characters. All this is done at specific fields in your account.

Thirdly after having successfully filled in your details in the next step which is the main and important activity is now left on your side to work online. Working online while on this website is as simple as doing the following activities such as posting questions and answers to the website (only if you have registered as a tutor), posting new and non-plagiarized resources, posting past papers from either secondary

schools, colleges and university; working as a tutor (after registering your account to work as a tutor) and lastly through adding schools, colleges and universities that are not found in the Kenyaplex website. As a tutor on Kenyaplex, you can also sell class notes and earn between 50% and 60% per each sale.

Through following the above procedure you will earn some money through active participation on the website where the money is paid directly to your account through M-PESA phone number which you are required to update on your profile. The payment is reached only after a payment threshold is reached. For example; if one sets his or her payment threshold as 1000, a payment request button appears on his or her account where one requests the payment and by this he/she initiates the payment process. The request is done between the beginning of the month up to 20th day of the month. Having done this is sure that your money will be paid to your M-PESA account between 22nd and 30th of each month.

This is how Kenyaplex helps you earn a living on the website. Having being paid the first batch of money into your account the process does not end there as one can earn more and more money as one may wish. Find more information on how to earn online in Kenya.

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