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Opportunities exist in life


Date Posted: 3/4/2018 10:00:51 PM

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Opportunities Exist in Life
Let's face it, every human being(whether rich or poor) goes through struggles. Struggles vary from person to person; some are searching for ways to make ends meet; some have lost their loved ones; some are depressed due different reasons, and so on. Bottom line is that everyone faces hardship at some point in life. What matters is how we react to the setbacks in life; do you just sulk and go into depression?, or do you take it positively and see it as a lesson learnt and move on?

It's been said before "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". This quote is a driving force for a lot of people. When faced with misfortune or hardship, people have learned it's best to keep on going. I strongly believe in seeing the good in life. The real world is full of negative and bad news which may usually blind us from seeing the good that exists in life. "Life is full of endless possibilities". To fully live we must seize the positive opportunities in life.

"Human is to error". We all make mistakes at some point, the thing is to move forward and not to live in the past. Moving forward creates a positive atmosphere for seizing opportunities to do/achieve great things in life. So you didn't do well in a test, are you going to just give up or retake the test? So you lost your job, will you go into depression or go out and look for other employment opportunities?

Life is all about choices. It's a personal choice to have optimism or pessimism. Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Problems will always exist. From a Christian point of view, challenges may be taken as ways to bring us back to God.

In trying moments, most of us turn back to God to ask for help. If life had no problems, would we remember to pray? Jesus himself suffered while here on earth, who are we not to suffer?

The funny thing about problems is that sometimes what seems like a mountain to you, is just so small in someone else's eyes. What may seem like a problem to you may not seem like a problem to someone else. Speaking out and sharing our problems with others is very therapeutic. Releasing the pressure from within is very important in moving on. It eases the burden and one feels so much better after opening up. "No man is an island". We all need each other.

In seizing opportunities in life, we must learn to be kind and thoughtful of other people around us. Stepping on others to achieve something is wrong and inhumane. To reach where we want to go, we must learn to be considerate and think of other people. Give to the less fortunate, pray for one another and just help a friend in need. Caring for others will bring you joy and gladness.

Make a choice every day you wake up to seize all positive opportunities to make a change in your life or someone else's life. Don't live in past, there are no time machines! Move forward, forgive yourself and forgive others. Don't hold grudges and be optimistic!

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