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The success and usefulness of insects on earth's surface


Date Posted: 3/11/2018 11:21:01 PM

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Insects are one of the most known arthropods on earth among others such as crustaceans, chillopoda, diplopoda and thysanura. Insects have distinct characteristics including: have two antennae and a pair of compound eyes, has three body parts; head, thorax and abdomen, have distinctive developmental stages and molting occurs when young and stops when mature. Insects are believed to be existing in one million species on earth. They are usually classified into orders such as order coleoptera, Lepidoptera, orthoptera, hemiptera, isoptera and thysonoptera.

Insects are known to be successful on earth. Their success is mainly dependent on two main interactive characteristics namely; The potential of adapting to a new environment once they are released into a new environment that they were not exposed to and the degree to which the environment changes with varying periods and seasons. As a result of this, all insects on earth are known to make up half of the animal species on earth.

Insects' success is mainly due to the following below explained reasons:
i)They are able to feed on varied diets while on earth’s surface where some insects just eat one kind of food but most of them eat more than one kind thus are able to exist on earth’s surface leading their success .
ii)Rapid production rate where they are able to quickly breed and produce enormous or a lot of animals once the environmental/weather conditions are favourable.This helps them to exist in large population species thus dominating most of the parts earth’s surface thus contributing to their success.
iii) Insects have an exoskeleton which is mainly used for support by most of the insects and prevents them from desiccation or drying up during unfavorable temperature conditions mainly at high temperatures.
iv) They are usually small sized in terms of their body surface area. This helps them to live in

any place on earth’s surface may it be inside the soil aggregates, between the aggregates or on burrows others on soil surface and others in dump sites. This helps them to be successful in their activities while on earth surface.
v) They eat less food for survival and this make them to do their work without eating much thus able to survive with less food. This enables them to be successful on earth’s surface.

Insects are of great importance on earth’s surface where most of scientists recognize them as good arthropods to do their research on as well as farmers depend on them for crop production mainly in pollination. Other than these functions others include:
a) Most of them are used as food in most Kenyan communities as well as international countries.
b) They help in decomposition of animal wastes through composting, bio-reaction and organic manure to release carbon IV oxide, water vapor and energy. The insects are usually aerobic and they work under presence of oxygen as well in control of other environmental temperatures.
c) Most of the insects are used in forensic entomology, urban entomology, agricultural entomology and medical entomology.
d) Helps in predation of harmful organisms thus are able to act as biological agents of pests’ control thus enhancing high crop production in agricultural farms.
e) Helps in production of silk and honey which is mainly made through their biological process without contamination thus ensuring quality production of honey and silk.

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