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A detailed piece on the Strathmore University dress code


Date Posted: 10/30/2018 2:23:50 AM

Posted By: SilviaMbugua  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 327

For those looking to join Strathmore University, their admission letter comes along with a set of rules that might leave you a bit confused. On reading the dress code rules, one might imagine that they are supposed to dress as if they are going for a job interview. Relax, that is not the case. Here are the does and don’ts of the dress code some of which might not have been very clear in their letter.
For the ladies, smile because there is an array of clothes to choose from. First and foremost, sleeveless blouses or dresses are not allowed and this is clearly stated in the letter. This does not however mean that you should throw out all your sleeveless attire, you can get creative and put on a light coat or sweater, just don’t take it off.

Another very important issue is avoid tops or blouses that expose too much cleavage. It is not to say that you wear something resembling a poll neck every day, just wear something that modestly covers the chest area. If for some reason you are having a bad day and the only option available shows off too much cleavage, add a scarf to compensate.

The other clearly stated rule is no skirts or dresses that reach above the knees. There is no work around for this one. Do not attempt to wear some stockings or tights with an above the knee dress or skirt as a means of hiding your legs. The fashion inspectors at the gates are very keen on this issue and you will be asked to get something longer.

Modesty is very much stressed in this dress code and tight dresses, skirts or trousers are not allowed. It is not that you should wear baggy clothing, but rather loose fitting clothes. This is

where cloth material factors in, some will indeed feel tight on the skin but it’s so heavy that it gives off the impression of a perfect loose fit while a lighter material would have been seen as tight. Hence, put such factors into consideration.

So what is allowed? Dresses and skirts of any material except denim, does not matter which colour as long as they reach below the knee. Take note to give some allowance for the skirts and dresses which occasionally get pulled up while walking so that they are always below the knee.
They also allow trousers whose materials are wool, cotton, linen, silk, cashmere and polyester in addition to khakis. The khaki trousers are especially popular amongst the students and you’ll find them quickly replacing your jeans trousers which are not allowed. The trousers must be full length and not too much above the ankles.

You have a wide array of tops to choose from as long as they have sleeves and cover the stomach (no crop tops and tank tops). It is not the case that you must always wear a blouse. Take note that tops are very different from T-shirts which are not permitted. One can wear any colour of tops but should avoid those with art having uncouth messages or images.

Shoe choices are also flexible. The most important don’t is no sports shoes, canvas shoes and rubber shoes. Other types of shoes are allowed such as boots, heels, wedges, sandals (feminine ones) and flats.
Simple ear piercings are permitted, no multiple piercing of the same ear and if one has already done so, they should use only one pair of piercing for earrings. Jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, anklets is allowed.

Jumpsuits and Ankara trousers are allowed as long as they are decent and loosely fitting. Most jumpsuits are sleeveless hence remember to wear a coat.
As for the men, vests, jeans, sandals, T-shirts, sagging trousers, sports shoes, canvas shoes, piercings, bling-bling and shorts are not permitted. You can wear official shoes (always wear socks they sometimes check this) and shirts of different types of material such as linen, wool and cotton. Dreadlocks are also not allowed. Keep your hair neat and well combed at all times especially if it is long (they do not have a keep your hair short rule). Full length khaki trousers are allowed and trousers with similar materials as the ladies.

For the cold days and mornings any type of sweater, jumper, jacket or coat is permitted for both genders. Tracksuits unless for spotting events are not permitted for both genders.

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