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Hostels in JKUAT Juja


Date Posted: 8/14/2018 3:58:21 PM

Posted By: doreen20  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 22

JKUAT being among the biggest universities in Kenya,its accommodation status is low.Not many students get accommodated inside the school but that should not worry you.There so many outside accommodation that are affordable easily acquired and comfortable for any student studying in Jkuat or any nearby environs.
If studying in Jkuat you can choose the hostel with regards to its proximity to your classes.
Hostels near GATE C I'll advice people in COLLEGE OF PURE AND APPLIED SCIENCE known as COPAS or COHES that is COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES while that of GATE B is better for people in COHRED and COETEC.GATE A is for all those who got extra cash to spare.
Though the schools hostels are limited there are outside hostels advised for the freshmen.For example in gate c there is:
Immaculate hostels
Gezer hostels for girls
Victon hostel
Sycamore hostel
These hostels are well secured and all catered for the only cost you incur is rent, your own maintenance and an added advanted is that they are only a few metres away from the school.
However if you are a freshman and ready to leave on your own there are many apartments of different kinds prizes.
Advantages of living on your own is;
self reliance
self drive
Some of the apartments I can reccomend are;
bedsitters- Delma house
Executive apartment
St Patrick's
Aqua house
NBA apartments
one bedroom- Spearhead apartments

Lamarck's apartments
Nuru court
Peak apartment
These are just but a few of the nice apartments nice to host a student throughout his academic journey. They have full security 24/7 and puts the needs of a student first and most importantly just a few metres away from your classes and to top all of that most of them have WiFi for example the executive apartments have free WiFi.
Therefore when you fail to acquire the schools accommodation just board a bus go to Juja and find yourself a nice,warm,comfy crib that you will be happy to go at at the end of a hectic day.

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