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The Influence of Drought and Famine on Pupil Attendance in Primary Schools in Kitui County


Date Posted: 4/6/2018 1:46:57 AM

Posted By: franco crick  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2067

Education is the process of developing human capacities to enable individuals to control his environment. One of national goals of education is to promote individuals development and self fulfillment. In promoting individual development, primary education plays a very critical role as it forms the bases of individual development. At primary level, a lot of problems are experienced while developing the pupils through education.

In many primary schools in Kitui County, there are many cases of absenteeism among pupils in schools. The cause of the problem has not been known for long. This problem of absenteeism warrants the study to investigate the causes and help solve the problem for the benefit of our society, so as to promote social equality and responsibility. This research has been conducted to investigate whether supplying the relief food in primary schools will reduce cases of absenteeism in Kitui County.

Absenteeism in schools especially in public primary schools has led to contributions of pupil failure in the national examinations. The pupil tends to miss a lot in academic work while away from schools which in turn contributes to low performance in their national exams. This problem also leads to low completion rates; drop out in schools and pupil inability to proceed in next level of secondary and tertiary levels of education.The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of supplying relief food to primary schools on pupil participation in schools in Kitui County.

Independent Variables.

Social Economic Factors
-Parents buying and providing pupil basic needs such as food water and clothing.

-Encouraging their children to attend schools regularly.
-Teachers applying positive reinforcement strategy on absenteeism in school.
-Teachers taking and checking the register on the attendance and having follow up activities with pupils and parents to know the underlying reasons for absenteeism.

Intervening Variables
-The culture of the school in dealing with absenteeism cases.
-The society culture and believes / values in education.

Dependent Variables
-High school attendance (reduced absenteeism)
-Improved health
-High transition rate( to higher levels of education)
-High retention to the school to completion

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