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Date Posted: 10/31/2018 7:07:01 AM

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The cost of using the internet is directly proportional to the amount of data used. Cheap data usage therefore may be translated by maximally minimizing data usage. The rate of data usage depends on several factors. It is normal that one will use more data for staying longer hours online compared to one who uses the internet briefly.

Text uploads, photo and picture uploads, voice and video downloads and update of device applications, are all factors that determine the rate of data usage. However, a good number of internet users, especially those from remote areas, have not bothered to know about this and the fact is they have ever suffered and complained about internet. If they don’t say internet bundles are getting finished very fast, they will tell you internet bundle providers are conning them. And instead of looking for a remedy for the problem, you will only see ‘last seen … Friday 26th of last month’ or ‘three days ago…’ on Whatsapp groups yet these fellows have the fun of showing off their smart phones wherever they roam.
Let me apologize on behalf of the victims of the above circumstance for the misconception they have against data usage. It is simply lack of knowledge. But following the procedures below will give such individuals a lasting relief.

The first thing is to ensure that you go online only by use of data bundles. Data bundles will cost you cheaper than going online using Pay-As-You-Go plan where credit is being used directly. Good news to the Safaricom data bundle users where you go to *544#call>My data manager>Don’t browse without a data bundle. This helps us the risk of losing our credit the moment data bundles are over.
The other thing is to tap on the Google ‘app store’ or ‘play store’ icon, then you

go to its settings>Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. This ensures that the data bundles on your handset shall not be used for automatic updates of applications. This auto-update of applications is the most deadly consumer of data bundles. So, ensure that it is always in the option of ‘over Wi-Fi only’. With some phones you may find this under the general settings.

Ensure that you turn off automatic photo/picture uploads, voice and video downloads in your applications’ settings. Or choose the option ‘manually upload’ or ‘manually download’ that appears in some phones so that you have a choice either or not to upload/download anything. Do this to your Google ‘app store, Whatsapp, opera app, and others. This helps to save data. You can also tap on ‘save data’ option provided by some applications like Opera mini. Unnecessary ads can be blocked in certain applications depending on the nature of the application. Some recent application updates have ads blockage option. Take that choice to save data. Opt out of automatic notification updates where possible.

Lastly, go to your device’s settings, tap on data usage and scroll down to see what applications use a lot of data. You can tell by the length of the bars alongside each individual application. Tap the ones consuming much data, one after the other, and tap to tick on the box indicated ‘restrict background data’. This will save you from paying for data that is consumed by application running at the background. You can also download a data manager application to help you identify the applications eating up more data and turn off their background data or uninstall them completely in case you don’t need them.

The above steps should have revived back your love to browsing the internet and chatting on social media.

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