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The best way to spend your life in campus.


Date Posted: 11/6/2017 2:21:13 AM

Posted By: Jonmhumble  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2362

Yes,campus life is full of entertainment and all sorts of activities, both good and bad activities. This is because students have got a lot of free time of which you can mess your life or shape your life. This will be determined with what you do in this free time. Also the company that you involve yourself with at this free time.

Having an experience in campus life, most youths get indulged into very bad behaviour like drug abuse because of the company they have during their free time. What I will urge you my dear friend is that before accepting someone to be your friend or having a company with him or her first know his or her lifestyle. Also never practice any activity that you never got used to before you joined campus especially those that are an unacceptable in your societies where you come from.

One of the most dangerous activity that is demoralizing most campus students in gambling. May it be the one for betting or casino. Nowadays we have many betting sites like sportpesa, betika, betin and many others of which most of students are losing large amounts of money. This money is the one they depend on for survival while in campus. What do you think happens when they lose this money to the betting sites? They ask for more from parents through all sort of tricks such a lying to them that there is an increment in the school fees. Others get depressed to an extent of committing suicide. Betting is so addictive such that ones started its very hard to stop. Therefore my friends don't even dare starting gambling since most students start gambling when they join campus.

I have seen that most students take drugs when they start campus life. In high school, may

be they never knew that there was existence of drugs but when get to campus they become experts. The main reason is that they think that they acquire good friends who introduce them to these behaviour. My brother and my sister think before you jump. Choose your friends wisely. Ones friend determines ones character.

Also small holy and humble angels from high school (young determined ladies) get trapped by many guys in campus. You feel exalted dating a campus guy. Some gents may be sincere while others may be wasting you time. Therefore my dear sister ask God for knowledge and intervention for knowing who is best and sincere to date. Yeah, this is usually the best time for courtship but do not jump into a relationship in a hurry. First give yourself self-respect and surely people will respect you. Also the guys to approach you will do it in respect.

In conclusion my dear friends remember that you went to school to learn not to entertain yourself and not to have family and with its responsibilities. There is time for everything. There is time to sow and time to harvest. Each and every action you take will have its consequences. Good actions lead to better consequences while bad actions lead to negative consequences. Therefore Cary out any action wisely.

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