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Ares of liasing between warehousing departmen and other department


Date Posted: 12/24/2018 2:16:05 PM

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Areas of liaising between warehousing and other departments.
A. Warehousing and purchasing department.
1. Determination of size and orders-the purchasing department liaise with the warehousing department to determine material to be delivered to the warehouse for the purpose of storage.
2. Both departments should be involved in the inspection and receiving of goods.
3. The purchasing department should inform the warehousing department on the time nature and characteristics of the material ordered so that the warehousing department will prepare accordingly.
4. Determining time of order /scheduling orders
-Both departments should decide on the time to order and delivery date for the purpose of receiving, inspection and storage of materials.
B. Warehousing and production departments
1. Warehousing department should provide tolls ,materials and other requirements needed in the production department.
2. In determination of the quantities of material to be replenished.
-The two departments should consult in determining the type of material to be restocked.
3. The two departments should work together when deciding on the most appropriate method of production i.e. continuous , batch etc.
4. Maintenance of equipment.
-The production department should communicate to the warehousing department so that arrangement are made to service the equipment or replace them with new ones in the stock.
C. Warehousing and marketing department
1. The marketing department provides information on the type and quantities of the goods demanded by the customers and communicate the same to the same to the warehousing department.
2. In determination of packaging methods and designs of packaging.
-The two departments should consult when deciding characteristics of packets that will be more appropriate to the customers and which will facilitate handling of goods.
3. In determining methods to be used in advertising.
-The marketing department should liaise with the warehousing department to come up with the best advertising method which will increase the market share .
4. In determination of distribution method .
-both department should decide most appropriate transportation method and the best way to deliver goods to customers.

D. Warehousing and finance

1. Warehousing department should provide information in the amount of funds they may require for emergency purchases and other warehousing operation cost to the finance department.
2. Both departments are liaise in determination of value of goods to be disposed such as using depreciation method to know the value of items.
3. Warehousing department has to provide the finance department with information on the amount of stock in the stores to facilitate preparation of financial statements.
4. The finance department should prepare budget in consultation with warehousing department in order to know the amount of fund to be allocated in financing the warehouse.

E. Warehousing and human resource management
1. Warehousing department and human resource management should consult during recruitment of employees.
2. Both department should consult each other to determine the amount of salaries of the employees in the warehouse and should also decide on the number of people to work on those warehouse.
3. Human resource department ensures that the workers in the warehouse are well motivated and trained to perform the task they are assigned .
4. Human resource department supervises the employees in the entire organization Including those working in the warehouse.

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