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How to set and attain your goals in life.


Date Posted: 12/26/2018 2:32:47 AM

Posted By: Lewix  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: -148

Setting new year goals is so common with lots of people, as 2019 approaches, we all have things we want to either stop doing or start doing. There is nothing wrong with that at all, however, people fail to consistently follow whatever they set to do, some goals failing as soon as they are set.

As a long journey starts with one step, so should be great accomplishments, listen to mother Teresa say, "You don't have to do great things, but do small things in a great way". Our eyes will see an object that is few meters away more clearly than an object that is a mile away....though its the same object. This is exactly what our brains do, a goal that is set to be accomplished within a short while, is more clear in the brain than that which has been set to be accomplished in ten years time, or a year, half a year, or even a month. Does this mean we should do away with our long term goals? Nope! What I want to say is, bring your long term goals into small consumable goals that can be set on a daily basis till the accomplishment time reaches, or what is a decade if not a multiple of days put together...the action makes it fun.

Use the x method.

After resolving to set your goals to be accomplished on daily/hourly basis, create a chain of accomplishments using letter X, draw this letter (xxxx...) every time you finish up your task, eventually you will get to a point you don't want to brake the chain. This method will keep you glued and disciplined to remain consistent. Consistency is what you need to accomplish your goals.

Measure your goals objectively and constructively.

Another reason why

we fail to remain on the course till its end is lack of clarity and prioritizing. When your priorities move upside down, you will never accomplish them. Its so important to arrange your to-do list in an ascending order doing the first things first.

There are four categories of things;

1. Important and urgent - do these things first.
2. Important and not urgent - spare some time for these things.
3. Urgent and not important - these are the things you need not to give your time to, if anything delegate.
4. Not urgent and not important - these things waste your time and resources.

Resolve to be your best every day, remember," day by day, in every way, I become better and better". It is as the year ends you should look back and see the far you've walked on you journey to success other than trying to figure out how things will be next year....use the deductive method or reverse gear to unwind the tough stuff.

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