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Selling Difficult Products


Date Posted: 11/13/2019 3:59:39 AM

Posted By: Burchris  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 32

IT IS said that experience is the best teacher but you can teach
yourself from the experiences of others. This becomes more poignant
when it comes to selling difficult products and services like
insurance, new brands and for good measure, pricey merchandise.
AT ONE time, I recruited to sell beverage coolers in a big city but
gave up even without trying; selling yoghurt in the streets and more
recently, marketing a new college. I came to realize that the last
thing a good number of people are willing to part with next to their
life is cash.


It has to be said that to win a contest, identify your opponents weak
points. To add to this, I have made the observation that a good number
of buyers can sniff a desperate seller from a distance. The washed out
look; the withering frown and the wavering confidence.
THOSE who have been in the trenches testify to the fact that its not
all about what you are selling, but how and who is selling it.

The mundane issues of presentability, poise and confidence have to be
stated here.
IF YOU are are a poor observer, you are a cut below the marketing
race. What does it involve. A bit of something you know and something
you don't know. With regard to the former, spot those who slow their
steps on seeing your products as well as those whose gaze is fixed on
your items. With regard to the latter, look behind you to spot those
looking over their shoulder, win their attention and try to close up a
sale. Enough said.
IN THE long run, you won't go far unless you identify the missing link.


The time when you launched to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to
market your goods is not on your side by the look of the online
marketplace bursting at the seams with offers. The essence of this
assertion is that

things sold online eventually end offline. The
reality is, you have to start from where you are.
The missing link is when you approach that fellow with an old shoe
with a new cheap brand of polish; when you listen to people talking
about challenges and tap this knowledge to sell your product; when you
profile and subtly follow disillusioned customers from stores offering
your product; learning the weaknesses of existing products and
identifying those with worn out items or out of service
with regard to what you are offering.
ONE thing most are unaware of is that the power of observation runs
both ways like we saw at the beginning of this article. Its time to
brand yourself.


When people remember seeing you half an hour later after passing you
go town, when people can see you as a tree go the forest of people,
you have a brand. The onus is on you to create one, tailor made to
reinforce the product you are selling. It could be the company overall
you are wearing advertising your wares.
A GRIEVOUS mistake that many sellers make is to label those who ignore you

as frogs and those who pay attention as princes.


It could be things beyond your control like poor attitude or simply
not interested; it could be your approach - don't talk to those who
appear busy; it could be the set up, some people like to buy things
discreetly away from prying eyes. Others have sob stories from similar
encounters. As you fine tune your intuition to tackle these issues,
your expertise will increase as you rev up your observational prowess.
WHENEVER, you encounter there challenges, a quick issuance of a
business card complete with your photo and contacts and this coupled
with your visual brand which should include some posters in permitted
places will work for future reference. Those not converted today are
your seed for tomorrows customers.
I have to sign off by stating that you should be interesting, even
entertaining to achieve subconscious impressions to rope future
THE frogs of today will turn into the princes of tomorrow at last.

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