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Disadvantages of free web hosting in Kenya for commercial purposes


Date Posted: 1/8/2020 6:22:17 AM

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Disadvantages of free web hosting in Kenya for commercial purposes

Web hosting is an internet service that enables you to publish your website on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Web hosting companies in Kenya provide customers with Domain names, website builders, E-mail addresses and bandwidth among other services.

Free web hosting involves accessing space on a web server stored in a data center in given location without paying any fee.

Free web hosting only provides space and tools to enable you create, install and maintain files and applications on the internet.

Below are some of the disadvantages of embracing free web hosting:

No Main Domain name
Clients don’t have the option of choosing their own domain names. They are provided with long domain names that are difficult for website visitors to remember.

Free web hosting companies only provide sub domain names and usually link them to their own domain names.

For you to be able to get a short domain name of your choice that is friendly to your visitors, engage the services of paid web hosting.

Data Transfer Speeds and Bandwidths are Limited

Unlike paid web hosting, free hosting limits the number of visitors that can access your website monthly as well as data transfer speeds.

This makes free web hosting less favorable for commercial users who require high data transfer speeds and unlimited bandwidths.

For unlimited bandwidths and data transfer speeds, engage the paid web hosting companies.

Lack of reliable customer support

In the event that your website experiences technical problems, you may be forced to incur extra costs seeking professional services to rectify the issue.

This is due to the fact that free hosting companies provide very little to no customer support services.

Commercial websites in this case should be launched from paid web hosting companies that provide reliable customer support.

Uncalled-for advertisements

With free web hosting, a provider possesses all rights to display advertisements

on your website.

They display advertisements on your websites regardless of whether the ads are from rival businesses or not.

This is a luxury that commercial websites can’t afford because they are detrimental to their business’ success.

Paid web hosting is the only realistic option for business people intending to launch their websites on the internet.

Monitoring a free website is impossible

You can’t make money from your website because free hosting companies don’t allow you to place your own ads.

The hosting company also takes up the top and premium spaces on your website and places its own banners on them.

For commercial businesses to earn money from their websites they must involve the services of a paid web hosting company.

Poor and unattractive website design

Free websites have a limited number of templates from which to choose from when designing a website.

In fact most free websites have identical user interfaces, making them all the more unattractive to visitors.

Free web hosting companies also deter their clients from designing their own websites.

For commercial purposes, businesses must engage the services of paid web hosting companies.

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