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How To Promote Healthy Living


Date Posted: 3/13/2012 12:59:59 AM

Posted By: sashoo  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 382

1. Eat whole meal food:
Whole meal food, from cerials to flour, is rich in fibre. Fibre is so vital as it aids in bowel movements. Waste is egested faster from the body before it turns out to be toxic. In as much as whole meal food is hard to find in the current world, it is available. So if we get it, the better.

2. Drink a lot of water:
Water is life. The benefits of drinking water are so many that one wouldn't wish they missed water. Water increases the speed of blood flow in the body, which means that oxygen and nutrients are transported faster through the body, and carbon dioxide and waste are egested faster from the body. Among other benefits of drinking water, this faster flow of blood automatically transforms one into a healthy being.

3. Eat fruits:
Fruits are just awesome. A part from the fibre content they provide, fruits offer undestroyed nutrients - fresh fruits for that matter. The nutrients in fruits are not destroyed by the heat we use in cooking because they need not to be cooked. As such, they are the right source of nutrients. Fruits should be taken before meals.

4. Try as much as posiible to use vegetable oil when cooking:
Vegetable oil is cholestral-free. Even better is the virgin olive oil that is 100% cholestral free.

5. Exercise:
Exercising helps in burning that excess fat that the body may not need. You don''t need to necessarily lose weight during the process. The aim here is to burn fat. This is because excessive fat in the body could just turn out to be toxic.

6. Get enough sleep:
Who is it that can do without sleep? Here, don''t just sleep for the sake of it, but sleep maximumly - between six to nine hours - so that the body

can carry out its own physiological processes accordingly. This will make one active and more healthy once they get up.

7. Laugh often:
Wow! This is a fundamental aspect to healthy living. Besides keeping you young and cheerful, laughing is the number one way to minimise stress, and you can be sure to age slowly.

8. Eat plenty of vegetables:
Vegetables contribute to fibre that is so much needed for digestion purposes. Fibre aids in bowel movements, making digestion easy. Consequently, waste is easily egested out of the body without difficulty.

9. Live a stress-free life:
This one contributes to mental health. Without stress, your mind thinks straight and logically, and you will be able to make sound judgements. Your mental health will very much influence your physical health. I know it's quite hard to live a stress-free life, but I also know that we can minimise stress.

10. Shower at least twice a day:
Dead cells tend to block the pores of the skin. What this would mean is that no waste - through sweating - would freely leave the body through the pores of the skin. The waste then keeps being in the body and becomes toxic. The skin then starts to bulge in form of pimples on the face and so on. Showering rids the skin of dead cells, leaving your skin pores open, hence allowing outflow of waste through sweating.

11. Don't skip breakfast:
Breakfast should be the major meal of the day. It helps the body to be active as it recovers from the dormancy that it'd been in through the night. It also helps to egest one's initial waste. By this I mean that bowel movements become active immediately after taking breakfast. Skipping breakfast will therefore prolong bowel movements.

12. Avoid the sun as much as possible:
Effects of the sun are known to promote faster ageing. So, in order to age slowly, let's try and avoid the sun as much as possible. If we have to get exposed to the sun, let's try and use sun-screen lotions which are available at local supermarkets.

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