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Handling your man's ex


Date Posted: 8/17/2012 3:42:54 PM

Posted By: meg soni  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2477

Handling your own ex can be a tricky affair but handling your man's ex is even more complicated.Even when you know that things are over between your man and his ex,sometimes you cannot help but feel just a little bit threatened in her presence.Your man's ex is none of your business,you have your past and your man has his so if you trust your man,give him some privacy and stay away from his history.But if you are in a social circle that allows for your significant other's ex to constantly remain part of the picture,it might be hard for you to draw the line about how much a part of your life the ex should.Here are the rules on how to deal with your man's ex:

-Your man's ex is not and should never be your best friend even if she tries to be sweet and friendly because some things just do not mix.Forget about keeping your friends closer and your enemies even closer.If you were to become friends it can only end in either of these two ways,she either becomes your co-wife or she steals back your man.

-Never ever call your man's ex.This only shows insecurity.If you suspect something could be going on between him and ex,calling her won't fix anything.It is your man you are in a relationship with so talk to him about it and find out the truth.If nothing is going on and you are still worried,then that signifies that you have some confidence issues that need to be addressed. If it happens that your man''s ex ever calls you,do not get angry or abusive as this also shows insecurity.

-Never ask your man about his ex.Even if your man brings up the topic about his ex,do not misinterpret this as the golden opportunity for you to

ask questions about the lady.I am sure you two will be together long enough for you to ask him all you have ever wanted to know about her.

-Never bad mouth your man's ex even you are stating an obvious fact.Even if you have his ring on your finger,keep your opinion of his ex to yourself.Reason being people who break up sometimes make up and you do not want to bow your head in shame when this happens.You also have to understand that not all relationships end on bad terms and bad mouthing the ex may offend your boyfriend if they still have a civil relationship.

-If you ever meet your man's ex,fight the urge to stare at her or sneer.Staring may mean that you are comparing yourself to her while sneering makes you look insecure.Be nice and make the meeting short.If she has moved on,do not make the mistake of imagining that you guys can all have a double date as this never ends well.
Note:The first few interactions with your man's ex may leave you worried for your relationship but things get easier as your relationship with your man grows and both your pasts fade into the background.

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