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How to prepare your girlfriend to be a good wife.


Date Posted: 9/26/2012 9:01:33 PM

Posted By: SimonMburu  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 838

A good wife is faithful, obedient and understanding. Nowadays many marriages break up simply because of relationship woes which could have been avoided if the man had shaped his girlfriend to be the most wonderful wife in the world. A long time ago young girls were taught by their mothers, aunts and other women in the community on the essentials of being a good wife but nowadays it seems this is not happening. This explains why most girls become loose at tender ages and they indulge in sexual relationships with older men for money and lavish lifestyles.
If your girlfriend falls in this bracket then the tips below will help make your dream come true.

1. Love her to the end of the world: Women are very sensitive when it comes to emotions, and this explains why they are hurt the most when a relationship breaks up. When they are truly loved they feel appreciated, respected and important. It''s good to give her the best of love which she would never find anywhere on earth, make her feel like she''s the queen of England. This can be achieved in a variety of ways like doing her what she likes the most, romantic dates, presents, comment every time on how beautiful she is and showing concern in everything. It is such little things that will make her miss the world for you.

2. Be honest: Be honest in everything and avoid pretending to be something you are not, nobody likes to be lied around. Tell her exactly what you like about her and what you don''t like, this could be in form of dressing mode, friends, character and so on. Ask her in a polite way if she could change her dark side for a brighter feature and if she becomes furious then take

this task slowly step by step by showing her what is right from wrong. Make her learn that you crave for that change because you love her.

3. Listen to her: Listening to her opinions and needs concerning your relationship helps build a more solid relationship. Never try to turn down every opinion she suggests and if wrong, correct her in a polite manner.

4. Finally boys, keep the fire burning, don''t stop even if you are discouraged. Keep fighting for her and remember that nothing makes a lady happy than to know her only soulmate won''t let her go.

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