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The handy Sensational Feeling in Love concept.


Date Posted: 10/17/2012 11:22:25 AM

Posted By: Geekeijoe  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 453

A sensation is a feeling or intense interest. Similarly, a feeling is a sense of touch or a physical sensation, others regard it as emotional susceptible sentiment. Likewise, Love is a feeling of affection and deep fondness or a delight in admiration. It follows that these three words i.e Sensation, Feeling and Love go hand in hand and surely there is no way one can be exempted from others.
The history of love bears great amazement as its sound is so skeptical. According to religion, i view love in two dimensions: The love that a man has for his woman and vice versa and the said unconditional love that God has for His people.
The latter defines love as a destined search, one has to tentatively look for the relevant spouse with great guidance from the most high.
The former defines love as a definite and unconditional obligation that is ever living even to the other and longed kingdom (heaven).
All the same, at the end of it all love will remain to be a sensational feeling and to either dimension be susceptible.

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