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The deeper scope of Prayer


Date Posted: 10/18/2012 2:57:22 AM

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Prayer is powerful, it is defined as a request or thanksgiving to God or an object of worship. It is a formula or an entreaty. As children are dependent and have the right to ask their parents for daily needs so are believers . All the same, those who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior do not have the said right.
Prayer involves lots of devotion, insistence, persistence and consistence. Patience and optimism are also very eminent tools in prayer. Favor and blessings are two different terms but handily used by believers as the reeps or gains from prayer.
Faith on the other hand is believed to have authority to all in that it is believed to move mountains when it is not inhabited with doubt. Jesus happened to walk on water and his teaching expounded that believers should possess intimate faith in God so that prayer can be effective.
Prayers may be narrated in four forms i.e:
1. Personal prayers which are individually based
2. Pastoral prayers by elders
3. Partnership prayers by believers
4. Prophetic prayers by shepherds
Just to mention, there are three types of prayers namely:
1. Petition prayer
2. Supplication prayer
3. Intercession prayer
Interestingly, prayer like medicine destroys germs and usher in healing for the sick, cancels deformity and infirmity, turns reproach to rejoicing and influence heaven to affect the earth.
In conclusion what is next in power to the word of God is prayer.

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