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Positive Impacts of Globalization and Liberalization


Date Posted: 10/22/2012 5:00:54 AM

Posted By: paul mwangi  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 45

Liberalization and globalization have also some positive effects on Africa’s rural populations. These are discussed below: -

The spread of telecommunications and information revolutions to rural/backward societies. News and its associated images are beamed instantly across the world through satellite dishes and optic fibres. Positive cultural influences come via the same routes and cannot always be controlled.

Through globalization, new technology has trickled to poor and rural African societies, creating opportunities and advantages in many wide ranging fields
such as agriculture and industrial production, information processing etc

Globalization of African countries through structural adjustment programmes
(SAPs) was meant to achieve long-term efficiency objectives. This has largely
been achieved through relocation of resources to the most productive sectors (Maximum utilization of the resources). Thus though globalization has had the effect of reducing the role of the state in commercial and productive activities of the economy, it has promoted the role of the private sector and the market forces thus encouraging people in rural and largely communal Africa to become profit oriented.
Some countries in Africa have responded to long-term institutional reforms adopted to reduce the external balance of payments in their economies. This is because many African countries depend on exports. Institutional reforms have involved deregulation of prices and liberalization of export markets to reduce state marketing aims or role.

The other positive impact of globalization is the spread of the political wind of change, which led to the demise of dictatorial or authoritarian regimes in Africa through the spread of the democratic form of governance, which insists, on respect of human rights and promotion of people driven development.

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