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Marketable degrees in Kenya today


Date Posted: 12/4/2012 2:13:35 AM

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When many of us were young, we wanted to become doctors, engineers, police officers e.t.c. But today, many of us can attest to the fact that we are pursuing or doing something quite different from what we intended. Back then, these were the most precious careers one could ever pursue, it is just surprising how things have changed over time, the market demand has shifted to something else.

You are just who you choose to be, unfortunately, some of us are what their parents or family friends chose for them to be. This is where the problem starts-not making informed career choices.

I have heard of a Bio-Chemist graduate who tarmacked for 6 months and decided to take a teaching job at one of his local schools so that he could meet his upkeep. He was employed by the BOG and was earning 15,000 only. Unfortunately, he wanted to pursue marketing but his mum’s friend advised him to study Bio-Chemistry. He now hopes to pursue business, which was his passion.

With the mushrooming of higher education institutions and the quest for education among many Kenyans, one is bound to take a wrong course if they are not guided career-wise. There have emerged so many courses to meet the changing social and economic development in Kenya.

Here is a list of most marketable courses in Kenya.

1. Business administration. Decades ago, it was something of a secretarial or type-setting course. Today, it has been integrated into a more incorporated business oriented course. Every organization needs people with a business sense, which is why this course is marketable. It is a versatile degree in that the skills attained like creating new products or services and how to make the bottom line count are often highly desirable by employers. People who have taken this line of
career can also effectively take administrative roles and drive the company to reaching the pinnacle. Also, at diploma level, one has the prospects to advance on the same line up to MBA.

2. Computer Science. Practically, no office in Kenya or around the world that doesn’t have a computer. That should tell something. The technology world is growing at a fast pace and no industry can do without computers or information technology. Another thing is that one can go lots of different directions with a degree in computer Science, from system administrator to web design, IT support e.t.c. People are always looking for the next new thing, gadgets running on sophisticated operating systems are created and computers are so woven into the fabric of every business to meet various demands. This is why computer science is marketable.

3. Marketing. I have never heard of any company that doesn’t want to grow, be known or felt by customers. The target is always to sell, sell and sell. Companies are always in pursuit for creating unique brands that their clients will identify with them. Most companies are today adopting another technique of marketing their products or services-through social media and online marketing. Over a long time, social media has been viewed as a way of making friends, today it offers more than just creating a network of friends, it’s a tool for reaching customers. No wonder companies like Safaricom, Coca-Cola, are on Facebook and twitter. Even the CEOs are on these social networks just to keep in touch with customers. It is worthy to note that even with Safaricom’s tremendous growth of customers base, they are still putting more efforts in marketing to stay ahead of the pack, which is why a course in marketing is ideal for you.

4. Criminal justice. With the new constitution in place, justice is readily available to Kenyans. Kenyans now think that everything can only be solved in court, they will not hesitate to move even to the higher courts. Crime is also an equal opportunity business-it’s everywhere. Criminals will seek justice from lawyers in one way or another which is why a degree in criminal justice is a versatile choice. Most organizations have internal security and people with criminal justice degree may be a good fit since they are equipped with risk management skills.

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