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These are the lecture notes for PROJECT QUALITY MANAGEMENT, a unit taught at Diploma and Certificate in Project Management levels.

What is project quality management?
What Is Project Quality Management?
Project quality management is the process of defining quality standards for the deliverables of a
project, as well as the quality assurance measures to guarantee those standards are met. However,
quality can be an elusive word.
In project management, quality is simply what the customer or stakeholder needs from the project
deliverables. Project quality management can be simply defined as the combination of quality
planning, quality assurance and quality control activities. Project managers further define these for
their project through a quality management plan.
In addition to a quality management plan, you’ll need the right project management
software. Project Manager offers the best project planning, scheduling and tracking tools for
effective project quality management. Use Gantt charts, kanban boards, project calendars and other
tools to keep track of project tasks, resources, project deliverables in real time.
Project quality management is the process of continually measuring the quality of all activities and
taking corrective action until the team achieves the desired quality. Quality management processes
help to:
• Control the cost of a project
• Establish standards to aim for
• Determine steps to achieve standards
Effective quality management of a project also lowers the risk of product failure or unsatisfied

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