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Sample ICT Trade Project Documentation: Computerizing the manual system used by delicacies hotel

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Sample ICT Trade Project Documentation: Computerizing the manual system used by delicacies hotel

This project is about computerizing the manual system used by Delicacies Hotel. This system
deals with ordering of food online for potential customers, delivery of food to customers who have
already placed their orders and also ease the workload in our hotel
By computerizing this system, it will improve the services and efficiency in management.
Computerization will solve problems in the manual system like data duplication, insecurity of
data, slow processing of reports and it will fasten the querying of the availability of the food
which the customer intends to order.
According to the availability of houses or apartments, a tenant is allocated the house of their
choice that is either three bedroom, two bedroom, one bedroom and self-contained. The
customer is then issued with a customers card.
The registration details are captured and stored in a file for future reference. The system will be
able to produce some reports after processing like customer details, payment report and order
delivery report.

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