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This is a sample research project for engineering students for either Artisan, Certificate, Diploma or Degree levels.

This project involves the installation and designed by using the logic trainer
EES 2001 to provide the automatic control for the room light, count the
visitors and to avoid the crowd places. This project is very useful in
complexes, houses, and seminar halls, institutions to avoid congestion and
save electricity that can be utilized for other purposes. Micro-controller
(AT89C51) acts as heart of the whole circuit and allowed dynamic and faster
control for all functions. In this competitive world and busy schedule routine,
switching off lights, is often negligible, when even there is no need of light.
The designed circuit consists of two IR Transmitter-Receiver pairs. Initially
the light is switched off but as the person entered into the room; the receiver
of first IR sensor pair identifies the person and then it will send the signals to
micro controller. In response, microcontroller will switch on the room light.
Whereas, when anyone leaves the room, another pair of IR sensor will send
the signals to the microcontroller to switch off the room light. The seven
segment display show the total number of visitors that enters or leaves the

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