KCSE History Paper 1 Topical Revision Questions and Answers

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KCSE History Paper 1 Topical Revision Questions and Answers. The questions are arranged topic by topic. Good for revision.

This refers to the study of past events before writing was developed.(Unrecorded history)

Is the study of mans past events in relation to his environment. SOURCES OF HISTORICAL KNOWLEDGE ON PRE-HISTORY
1. Oral traditions
2. Anthropology
3. Artifacts / fossils / archaeology
4. Language of the people / linguistics
5. Genetics

Why East Africa is regarded as the cradle of mankind.
1. Presence of many archaeological sites around L- Vitoria and R / Valley area.
2. The presence of savanna grasslands found in Kenya favored hunting as a means of survival by man e.g. forests.
3. Existence of permanent rivers which provided water for use by man.
4. Warm tropical climate which was ideal for man’s existence.
5. Geographically, Africa of which Kenya is part was centrally located, making it possible for the early man to spread to the other parts as the continents were drifting.

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