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Exam Name: Microsoft Office Word 2007 Practical Exam 


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Exam Year:2012

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“if you want to feed your people with fish through out their lives, don’t just give them fish. Show them how to catch the fish themselves”

s the government moves toward incorporating E- government in all aspects of its functions, it has become mandatory for all government officers to have a good working knowledge of information technology.
The ministry of finance is dedicated towards making this a reality. As such we at the GITS department offer training in all computer areas.

Training Needs.

The ministry of state for public affairs “basic computer training program for various staff” was necessitated by needs of the ministry to manage numerous changes that are being introduced within its operations i.e. to do away with the old style of keeping of files in the cabinet instead of keeping it in database storage or doing manual calculations in their accounts department instead of using computers rather than calculators.
To achieve these objectives, these were needed to cultivate a sense of professionalism and commitment amongst the personnel to get trained. Participants were brought to treasury house where they had time to get trained outside their workstation where they could not concentrate due to interruption from their bosses who would call them to do this and that.

Microsoft Word Microsoft power point Microsoft Excel Internet
Mail merge Preparing slides Chart and graphs Attaching files
Document Formatting Timing Functions and formulas Sending mails

• Add a Row after the first row and Type Package 1 to 5.
• Add a column after Internet Column and type Title ‘Windows Operations’. Put the following topics under it.
? Control Panel
? Folders and Files
? Adding a Program


The course was aimed at achieving the following objectives:

To enable participants learn the different parts of a computer and how use them
To enhance participants online communication skills via the use of internet
To enable the participants create good presentations through the use of PowerPoint.
To enhance the participants computational skills through the use of Excel.
To enable participants appreciate the use of computers and their importance in the modern world.
To acquire skills to be able to perform their duties and achieve better results faster in their respective areas.

• Put Page Border on the First Page.
• Insert Page Numbering
• Change line spacing to 1.5
• Put Footers and Headers as they are appearing in the document.

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