Christian Religious Education. Paper 1 Question Paper

Christian Religious Education. Paper 1 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2003

Christian Religious Education.
Paper 1
Nov. 2003
1. Last five animals used in the making of the covenant between God and Abraham
2. State five ways in which God?s power is demonstrated in the deliverance of the
Israelites form Egypt to the Promised Land.
3. List five types of leaders whom god gave his power to in the Old Testament.(5mks)
4. State five titles given to the Messiah by prophet Isaiah.
5. State five similarities in the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist and that of
Jesus Christ.
6. Identify five occasions in the life of Jesus when he was tempted (5mks)
7. List five lessons Christians learn about Jesus from the miracles of healing. (5mks)
8. List five parables used by Jesus to teach about the kingdom of God. (5mks)
9. State five works of the Holy Spirit in the early church. (5mks)
10. State five leadership qualities shown by Peter the Apostle on the day of Pentecost.
11. List five practices of the early Christian community. (5mks)
12. State five traditional African customs that were condemned by the early Christian
missionaries in Kenya. (5mks)
13. Write down five teachings about God from the traditional African myths of creation.
14. Identify five occasions when sacrifices are made in Traditional
African communities. (5mks)
15. State five roles of elders in traditional African communities. (5mks)
16. Give five reasons why children are important in traditional African community
17. Give five Christian teachings on human sexuality (5mks)
18. Identify ways in which Christians can overcome the temptation to drug abuse.(5mks)
19. Give five reasons why Christians take up insurance policies. (5mks)
20. State five ways in which Christians in Kenya show respect for the state. (5mks)

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