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What are some ways of preventing indiscipline in schools?


What are some ways of preventing indiscipline in schools?



The teachers should respect and love children;
1. Respect children identity
2. Acceptance which refers to being aware of their unique personality, interests, strong points failures and temperaments
3. The teacher should help the pupils t o develop social competence so that they can will peer acceptance
4. Organize the school experience to meet the need for new experiences
5. The school should provide varied opportunities for emotional, physical and intellectual and aesthetic achievement
6. Provide good teaching
7. Allowing the children to be committed to behavior change
8. Establish clear behaviour change guidelines, expectation, standards and rules that are clear to all
9. Adopt a teamwork approach-involve teachers’ administration and parents
10. Design a complete discipline leader
11. As a teacher, train self management and discipline
12. Implement fair and firm rules
13. Minimize problems early
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